Born Sydney, Australia 1978


Charlotte Haywood has a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to her practice which centres on a multi-layered exploration of incongruous tensions between nature and culture, and pop and the primordial. Working across mediums - including textiles, sculpture, installation and the moving image - Haywood demonstrates an acute sensibility for connections between the traditional and the modern, exploring cross-cultural pollination.

Trading between the tactile and the digital, she seeks cultural nuances of the body and the landscape. Her process-based practice involves creating hand intensive tactile works, whereby the theme of the hand is translated into her digital videos. The language of collated cultural material is explored as motifs, emoji and currency; becoming threaded narratives with slippery meanings that shift according to cultural applications and context.

Haywood often incorporates motifs of ‘the introduced', highlighting cultural twanging practices as a reflective act of self-decolonisation. Her reflection upon ‘the other’ spins, creating feedback from one to 'the other'. 

Haywood is a recipient of Australia Council’s New Work grant (2013) for her body of work GREEN INFLUX which furthered her investigation of colour and its value. It also began Haywood's deep re-examination of a shared Australian history and landscape. An act of cracking hierarchies and histories in a non-linear interrogation of the past, present and future.

She is working on her new body of work GREEN ASYLUM, supported by Australia Council (2016). With one foot in the present and one in the past, she looks to the future for narratives, intersections and evolutions, holding symbol and language as crux.

She has completed residencies in India, Peru and Thailand where she focused on traditional and cross-cultural practices. She has also been involved in collaborative projects in Vanuatu and Indonesia as well as working extensively in costume and design in film and television.

She is collected  by the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, ARTBANK and privately.